How To Unlock Samsung Windows Phone Devices

Unlocking Windows Phones has always been an indecisive thing to do, due to the numerous alternatives available. Although some options are too expensive ( $99 for The Developer Unlock), there are relatively cheap ways to unlock your phone as well, such as already discussed Chevron unlock option, charging a mere $9 per device. In any case, a free option is always more than welcome if it is effective, of course.

In this huge uncertainty, it is very timely to introduce a simple and thereby, quite a fast way enabling you to unlock your devices free of charge in several easy steps. However, not all the Windows Phone devices are so accommodating at the moment as Samsung Windows Phones are, that can be easily tweaked from within the diagnostics app.

And a small notice hereby: it is highly recommended to back up your phone before you get started, and take a look at a respective thread at XDA

As you proceed don your own risk, before you actually get started, take a look at pros and cons of unlocking once more, take a deep breath and if you still decide to unlock your phone, go ahead:

First thing to do is to open Internet Explorer on your Samsung Windows Phone device and go to the following URL: [LINK]. Once the page is loaded, select WindowBreak Me and head over to the Dialer - activate the diagnostics menu by typing in ##634#. You should now open up the GPRS Manager by typing *#9908#. You’ll now notice that the WindowBreak has been copied into that folder, so tap on it and save the file. It is hard to believe, but your device has already successfully been unlocked! All you have left to do is to Reboot your phone and that’s all!

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