How To Turn Your Windows Phone Ringer Silent

With Microsoft’s mobile OS being extremely easy to use due to its prompting UI and rational alignment of features, there still are some inconveniences, one of which is toggling between Ringer and Silent mode. Despite the fact that it is extremely easy to simply press the volume key (up or down) and then tap the bell icon in the upper right hand corner to switch, it’s a quite painstaking job to turn the ringer completely off.

Getting to silent mode is a little bit tricky, as the toggle shows only two options Ringer and Vibrate, while the silent one is missing. So if you want to switch between Ringer and Silent, you have to navigate to Settings > Ringtones + Sounds and toggle the Vibrate function off. Only after that will you be able to directly switch between Ringer and Silent by tapping the bell icon in the upper right hand corner. So it’s now easier when you understand how it works right?! But it may seem somewhat confusing if you’re a newbie Windows Phone user.

Certainly it’d be better if there was an easier alternative to activate the silent mode, or to toggle between the ringer, vibrate and silent more effortlessly. However it’s a current paradigm by Microsoft that can luckily get used easily. Did you ever find this confusing? Do not hesitate to share if you think Microsoft should offer a third dedicated tap to toggle vibrate on or off in the comments below.

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  1. Yes..its very irritating every time to go to settings inorder to make our windows phone silent mode..

    There should be some easy way to switch between these three options namely ""ring" , ""Vibrate" silent