How To Rename Your Windows Phone

Here’s a quick and useful tip for those who’d want their Windows Phone to be as unique as they are and consider giving it a unique name. Despite being funny, this comes quite useful when multiple phone-owning family members sync to the same PC.

This time you won’t even need to fend off unasked-for opinions from friends or family members, unlike naming your firstborn. However if you have difficulties thinking of a name, here’s a tip from Elizabeth Reese – editor at official WP blog:

“My first Windows Phone was Sparkles, and my new Windows Phone 8X is Twinkles. Or, if you consider your phone something like a pet, loyal and dependable, Rover may be an appropriate choice.”

However, we advise you to choose a safe route and name your device the way it contains your name as well. This is always an easy, thus useful way out.

So to rename your Windows Phone, you need to plug it to your computer, and open up either the Windows Phone app or the Windows Phone app for desktop (depending on what you’re trying to sync). If you choose Windows Phone app for desktop, you just need to open Settings to get started. However, in case of using Windows Phone app, navigate to Settings > Preferences and under the option that says Name Your Phone, simply type the name you’d like to give to your device.

There’s a third option for renaming your device as well, for those who want to go old school - plug your phone in to your computer, open File Explorer and search for your device under Computer. Once found, right-click on it, click Rename and type in the desired name.

Hope you found the tip useful. Do not hesitate to share with us the names you've given your phones in the comments below!

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  1. I named mine "Chuck" so my sysadmin wouldn't know my real name when I anonymously hook into my office wifi. :)